Netflix Considers Switching To Weekly Episode Releases

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Netflix reportedly wants to change its release cycle and bring weekly episode releases instead of releasing whole seasons all at once.

Netflix is currently one of the greatest streaming platforms in the world. However, the company has been through the winger in recent months, and it’s dealing with losing subscribers. Other streaming platforms like Hulu, Android TV, and Apple TV+ are serious threats to Netflix’s dominance in the market. But the company may decide to change its releasing cycle to keep subscribers hooked on a weekly basis.

As per the CNBC report, based on talking with a number of analysts and experts, Netflix wants to ditch its current releasing strategies and bring weekly episode releases. If you are a Netflix user, you know that the company usually releases the whole season of a TV show all at once. Other streaming services like Disney have taken a different approach and release the episodes every week.


Netflix plans to bring weekly episode releases instead of releasing whole seasons all at once

While releasing the whole season all at once might be great for a binge-watching subscriber, it might not be a good strategy for keeping the subscribers hooked on the platform.

Releasing the episodes on a weekly cycle has some benefits for both subscribers and the streaming service. For subscribers, it reduces the chance of spoiling the episodes, and they can enjoy their show the most. Also, the streaming service can keep its subscribers hooked for a whole week and make them wait for the new episodes. This strategy can create great hype around each episode.

Of course, Netflix is still committed to its binge-release strategy, and taking a new approach won’t happen in the short term. Also, it might decide to follow a weekly release cycle for special shows and seasons. Changing the releasing strategies is just one of the several option on the table to prevent users from leaving the platform. Of course, not raising the prices frequently could be another option.