Netflix Scores Exclusive Mobile Rights For Into The Breach

Into The Breach Netflix

Netflix has steadily been building its library of mobile game titles, and soon the company is adding Into The Breach to that list. Into The Breach is a smash hit indie turn-based strategy game from the creators of FTL: Faster Than Light.

It tasks players with saving the world from an alien invasion using giant mechs. It also features some neat randomly generated challenges to make each play session feel a little different from the last. Even if turn-based strategy games aren’t your cup of tea, Into The Breach is a big get for Netflix.

The game holds a metascore of 90 on metacritic and it’s even revered highly by users. Receiving a generally favorable 7.8 on the site. And its reviews on Steam are listed as “very positive.” Basically, this might be one of the biggest mobile game additions to Netflix since the streamer added mobile games to its service. And it could easily be viewed as the sole standout release of all the games so far.


Into The Breach is a Netflix exclusive for mobile

This will be the first time Into The Breach is coming to mobile devices in any official capacity. Sure, you could stream it through GeForce NOW if you purchased the game through Epic or Steam. But this is an official mobile port of the game.

And it’s only going to be available for Netflix subscribers. On that note, if you don’t subscribe to Netflix and you’d still like to play Into The Breach, it’s currently discounted to $10.04 as part of the Steam Summer Sale. As an added bonus, it’s a Steam Deck verified title.

Into The Breach will arrive on Netflix on July 19. Both Android and iOS users will have access too. And best of all, like all Netflix mobile games, it’s free with your Netflix subscription. The Netflix version is the exact same game as the release on other platforms. And it even includes all the Advanced Edition content.


There’s also a new touch interface (naturally), so you can play the game without the need for a controller.