Instagram Reels Limit Gets Bumped Up To 90 Seconds

Instagram Reels update June 2022

Instagram has decided to change the duration limit of ‘Reels’, it bumped it up to 90 seconds. For those of you out of the loop, the limit before this was 60 seconds, so it’s a 30-second buff.

Instagram Reels duration gets bumped up to 90 seconds

This is actually still a far cry from what TikTok offers. Then again, Instagram’s goals may be different. As a reminder, TikTok now offers videos of up to 10 minutes, as the last bump changed the 3-minute limit to a 10-minute one.


That’s not the only change Instagram announced, though. The company announced some additional Reels-related additions. You’ll now have access to an enhanced sound effects library, to boost your Reels content.

To be clear, you’ll also be able to import your own audio to Reels. You can do this via the ‘Import Audio’ toggle. This will allow you to import audio from an existing video clip. So you can grab audio from an existing video clip on your phone and import it to Reels.

That’s not all, though. The company is also adding interactive stickers support to Reels. That feature was previously announced for Instagram Stories. On top of that, you’ll also be able to create polls.


‘Templates’ are arguably the most useful addition this time around

Now, we’ve left the most useful addition for last, well, arguably most useful. We’re talking about ‘Templates’. This feature will allow you to easily sync clips with music and video. The template will basically pre-load audio and clip placeholders, allowing you to add and trim your clips. This will make the whole process immensely simpler.

All of these are quite useful additions, to be quite honest. Even the longer Reels limit will allow creators to update different types of content, so it will be interesting to see how will that change current trends.

It seems like Reels have been quite successful for Instagram, and the company is trying to offer creators as many tools as possible. Also, as a reminder, Instagram recently announced that it’s adding AMBER alerts to your feed.