Instagram Bug Shows Stories You've Already Seen

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There are tons of people who spend much of their time looking at Instagram Stories. They’re a fun feature for any social media platform to have, but a new bug just made Instagram Stories a bit less fun. This bug will show you Stories that you’ve already seen.

According to 91 Mobile, Instagram on the iOS app users are reporting having to watch Stories that they’ve already seen. This means that if they want to return to a user’s story timeline to pick up where they left off, they’ll have to start from the very beginning.

That’s not much of an issue if the user has only two or three Stories up at a time, but it becomes annoying if the user has more than 20. A user could be documenting a trip or a special event, and that can lead to them racking up a long timeline.


This Instagram Stories bug has a fix

This bug is getting on people’s nerves, but it’s not going to be around for long. A report from The Verge states that there is an update that will fix the problem. It was issued earlier today, so it should be making its way to users.

If you don’t have the update just yet, you might have to wait for it to eventually reach you. If you want to manually check, look up Instagram in the App Store and see if you have the option to update.

In Other Instagram News: Instagram Will Nudge Teens To Watch Different Types Of Content

Instagram has been at war against unsavory content for a while, and the company is looking to dampen its impact on teens. The company added a new feature to the app that will nudge teens away from content it deems harmful.


If a teen spends a lot of time looking at one form of media on the Discover Feed, they will get a notification suggesting that they look at some other type of content. The notification will have some suggestions for the teen to try.

A fair amount of the teens who the company tested this on said that it actually helped improve the overall experience.