HTC Will Launch Its 'Viverse' 5G Phone On June 28th

HTC Viverse Phone

HTC has been getting its fans excited about its return to the smartphone market since MWC 2022. It announced that it’s been working on a new metaverse-centered smartphone to launch sometime in the spring. After hearing that it’d been delayed, we now have news that it’s coming out soon. HTC announced that it will officially unveil its Viverse phone later this month.

HTC has definitely seen better days. It was at the top of the game during the early to mid-2010s. This was back before Samsung and Apple basically monopolized the smartphone market. After it stumbled throughout the late 2010s, a lot of people forget that the company used to make great phones. Now, it’s still fighting to return to the limelight.

HTC will unveil its Viverse phone on June 28th

HTC is keeping its new phone under wraps for the time being. Thus, it’s really tough to tell what we can expect from this phone. What we do know is that it’s going to have a strong focus on the metaverse (or Viverse). It seems that, along with Meta, Microsoft, and TCL, HTC also sees a future in the metaverse.


It does seem weird that HTC would jump back into the ring with a Metaverse-centric phone, but there’s one thing to consider. Over the years, while its reputation as a smartphone OEM was decomposing, HTC released a plethora of different VR headsets. HTC has had a foot in the Metaverse before, well, Meta.

It’s tough to know what specs to expect from this phone. The display, (if it’s going to be used as a VR display) will need to be pixel-dense in order to have a good viewing experience. Other than that, it will need to have a powerful SoC for smooth usage.

The official unveiling is still a few weeks out, so we’re all going to need to wait on more details about the phone. We’ll either need to wait for the phone or for some leaks to sprout up.


The poster is interesting

HTC announced this device via a Facebook post. The post involves an image of a rounded rectangle; this most likely represents the phone. The effect shows the phone collapsing inward giving the impression that there’s depth to it. This probably hints at the 3D aspect of VR.

Other than that, we see the text telling you to save the date for June 28th. That’s when we’ll finally learn about this new HTC phone and what the Viverse is.