Google Workspace Sharing Changes Make Collaboration Easier

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Google Workspace, including Google Docs, Drive, and other tools, is getting a big update on the interface side of things that should make sharing and collaboration easier. That’s based on recent reports detailing alterations made by the search giant for its ever-popular productivity suite. Better still, now that the suite is free to use for most users, these changes will impact everybody using Workspace.

The biggest benefit to those changes can be seen in what, exactly, the alterations are. With the most recent update, Google has taken a series of available already options and changed how it shows those to end-users. Namely, by placing almost everything behind a single UI — the ‘share’ button. That’s the button located at the top right-hand side of the UI.

How do Google Workspace changes make sharing and productivity better?

Previously split across various menus, the new share button contains everything related to sharing. That includes an entry field for sharing with new users. But it also contains a list of users containing those who already have access. The owner of the file is at the top of the list, followed by those who can edit the file and then those who can only view it and comment on it. There are drop-down menus to determine the level of access for each user.


Google has additionally added options to remove access and transfer ownership. Although the latter option can only be used within previously in-place constraints. So personal account users can’t share with business accounts and enterprise users.

Finally, users are provided the option to control what users who only have access via a link can do under “General access.” And options to create and share a link are still present as well as the “Done” button to confirm any changes.

At the top of the UI, Google includes a gear-shaped icon for more options. For instance, users can choose whether Editors on the file can change permissions or share the file. And whether those who can view or comment have the option to download, print, or copy the file.


The only big option still not found behind the share button is one that larger shares will want to use. For audiences larger than 100 users, for instance, Google recommends using the “File” menu at the top of the page. There, under “Share” and “Share with others” users can choose to “Publish to web.”

sharing google workspace sample image from TechRadar attributed to Future