Google TV May Automatically Sign Into Your Apps & Services

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Google handles a lot of different tasks for you, and one is signing into accounts. When you download an app onto a new device with the same Google account, Google will take care of putting in your credentials. Now, Google TV might automatically sign you into your services.

This was discovered in an APK deep-dive, you’ll want to take this with a grain of salt. Google has the code in the current version of the Google TV setup app. However, that doesn’t mean that it’s definitely coming to the public. At any moment, Google could nip the code out of the app.

Google TV might automatically sign you into your apps and services

When you get a new smart TV, it’s all fun and exciting until you realize that you need to sign into all of your services. You then dread the thought of having to sign into Netflix, Disney+, DROPOUT by Collegehumor, Prime Video, and the 15 other subscription services you’ve wracked up. We all know that signing into your services using the TV remote is about as tedious as it gets.


Smart TVs have gotten, well, smart and now let you sign in using your phone. It takes a lot of the stress out of signing into your services, but Google wants to make it even faster.

If this feature does come out, then Google TV will automatically sign you into your services. That way, you won’t need to bother with using QR codes or going to /activate URLs. Also, you can forget about typing every letter and number in with the TV remote.

Now, there’s no telling if this feature will ever make it to primetime. In the code for the Google TV setup app v1.0.4508, you see the code:


Several apps come with your TV and will be installed during setup: %1$s. Additionally, apps for your subscriptions will also be installed.

App info from devices linked to your Google Account will be used to set up and sign in to these apps on your TV.

If this feature does actually come out, you can bet that Google will make some sort of post or announcement about it.