Google Search Featured Snippets Get A New Design With More Answers

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Google has started to test a new design for Featured Snippets on the search page. Besides a new look, the Snippets can also show more answers to the questions.

Featured Snippets are the best possible solution when you search your question on Google and look for a quick, concise answer. These additions reduce the need to read a long article to get the answer and highlight the answer in a box. Google also uses Featured Snippets to provide quick answers for the Assistant app.

However, sometimes the Snippets’ answers aren’t very accurate or enough. That’s why Google is now making changes to them. As per the report, Google is testing a new design for Featured Snippets that contains more websites with related answers.


Google gives a fresh and more informative look to Featured Snippets

The change to the Featured Snippets was spotted by the folks at SearchEngineLand. The current Snippets come with a single card that contains some brief information. But in the new design, up to four cards appear, and each card has quoted answers to a user’s query.

As you can see in the screenshot, the new design aims to give the best possible answer in the shortest possible way. The current Snippets show a paragraph to explain the user’s query.

The Featured Snippets that appeared in the below screenshot are answers to a search by Brodie Clark for “what is the recovery for wisdom teeth removal,” and “can you give allegra to dogs.”


The new design is still in the testing phase and has not been activated for most users. Also, the change shows Google’s plans to modernize its services. The company has recently rolled out a new look for the Docs and Drive Sharing section and email invites on Calendar.

For those wondering what Featured Snippets are, Google explains, “Google’s search results sometimes show listings where the snippet describing a page comes before a link to a page, not after as with our standard format. Results displayed this way are called “featured snippets.” You might find featured snippets on their own within overall search results, within the “People also ask” section, or along with Knowledge Graph information.”

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