Google Will Let You Print Your Google Tasks

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Sometimes, you just need to see your to-do list without having to look at your phone. This is something that Google knows, so the company is adding a new feature to its to-do list platform. You will be able to actually print out your Google Tasks in the near future.

Accessing your phone is a really convenient thing, but you don’t want to be tethered to it. It can die, or you can be in an environment that’s just not phone-friendly. This is why having a physical document can really help you in certain situations.

You’ll be able to print out Google Tasks

Because having physical documentation can be a boon, Google is adding a new feature to Google Tasks. When you go to the web version of Google Tasks, you’ll see a new option when you go to the menu.


There’s no standalone site for Google Tasks. Rather, it’s a sidebar that you can access when you’re using Google services. These include Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Drive, Docs, etc. The side panel is on the right side of the screen, and you’ll need to assign the Google Task app to it.

When you do so, you’ll see a new option when you click on the three-button menu. You’ll see the option called “Print List”, and you should be able to print the list just as you would any other document.

This feature will be rolling out over the next couple of weeks, so you’ll want to look out for it. Right now, it seems that it will only be available for the web version of Google Tasks. It’s possible that it could be used in the mobile app, but only time will tell.


In Other Google News: Tasks Will Replace Assistant’s Reminders

When you’re using Google tasks, there’s an option to convert all of your reminders to tasks. This means that the two services are pretty similar. However, Google is doing the logical thing and getting rid of Reminders.

When you summon the Google Assistant and ask it to remind you of something, it creates a Reminder. This is synced with your Google Calendar. Google Tasks are also synced with your calendar. It doesn’t make sense to have both Reminders and Tasks.

So, Google Tasks are going to take the place of Reminders in the near future. This way, when you ask the Assistant to remind you of something, it will be turned into a Task so that you can edit it using the Google Tasks app if need be. It’s a centralized system and it will help avoid unneeded confusion.