Google Pixel 6 Cellular Connectivity Improved By June 2022 Update

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The Google Pixel 6 and 6 Pro were not exactly the bug-free phones we expected. They had their fair share of issues, but the latest Pixel Feature Drop did fix a lot of those issues. The cellular connectivity issues that the Pixel 6 series users have been experiencing have been fixed, it would seem, and the same goes for the battery life issues.

Before we get into it, it’s worth noting that those are not the only bugs that were fixed. Yesterday, we reported that the fingerprint scanner has been improved quite a bit, while the blank lock screen bug is also no more.

June 2022 update improved cellular connectivity for Pixel 6 & 6 Pro users, it seems

Google did a commendable job with bug fixes this time around, it would seem. In addition to those two major issues, the company also fixed cellular connectivity, and improved the battery life on the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro.


Many users were having issues with cellular connectivity, as their Pixel 6 devices were disconnecting from their wireless providers. The same goes for battery life issues, as battery drain was present.

Well, based on Reddit comments, both of those issues have been fixed, at least for some users. A user named ‘salcin96’ said: “I work in an area, where cellular connection is pretty borderline. But today, after the June update, my connection is more stable and network battery drain is under 5%. Looks promising!”

The update didn’t exactly help everyone

Some other users reported that their Pixel units are no longer running hot to the touch. This update did not help everyone, though, it would seem. A user named ‘ah208’ said: “Updated my Pixel 6 this morning. Battery drain appears to be the same, but keeps dropping signal when indoors (same as December update, keeps not finding signal)”.


Another user, named ‘fluxxis’, said that he’s experiencing heavy battery drain. He recharged his Pixel 6 at noon, and three hours later his battery level was down to 55-percent.

It seems like this update is also a mixed bag after all. It did wonders for some, while it really messed things up for others, at least based on these comments. We had a great experience with the update, on several Pixel phones.