Google Photos Now Has A Best Of Spring Memories Collection

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Google Photos users should be familiar with the Memories Collections. These are basically the Google Photos version of Snapchat stories. Now, according to 9To5Google, there’s the new Best of Spring Memories Collection that you can view. This is an auto-generated story of the best images taken over the past three months.

A big part of Google’s services deals with top-of-the-line AI technology. This means automatically curating content across all of its apps. Google Photos automatically assembles these Memories Collections based on certain factors. It’s a neat way of reliving your long-forgotten memories.

Now, the Best of Spring Memories Collection is on Google Photos

When you open up Google Photos, you should see some rounded rectangular tiles at the top of the home screen. These are your memories, and you can scroll through them like stories. They’ll be either your recent highlights or they could be from years ago. For example, you could see a picture you took on that day five years ago. They’re collections of photos that Google deems worthy of resurfacing.


There should be a new collection up top when you open the app. It’ll read Best of Spring 2022, and it will show you its top picks for photos you took over the spring season. Summer is just around the corner, so the company is compiling the best pictures you took during the Spring.

It’s hard to tell just how Google decides which pictures are the best. It’s easier just to chalk it up to AI trickery.

You can have those memories printed

One thing that doesn’t get as much coverage is the ability to have your photos printed in a physical photo book. This is something that Google unveiled a few years back during Google I/O. It’s a feature within Google Photos you can use to order prints.


On the top left corner of the screen, you’ll see a little shopping bag icon. When you tap on it, you’ll see a page where you can choose what you want printed. You can order physical prints of individual pictures at $0.18 per photo. If you want to have a full photo book printed, it’s $14.99, and you can add up to 140 photos. Also, if you want a full canvas print up to 36″x36″, that will cost you $24.99.

You can use the Best of Spring collection or you can make your own custom book. Since this is Google we’re talking about, you can bet that you’ll find some auto-generated books at the bottom.