Google News Will Focus On Local Stories

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Google News has been feeding people headlines for two decades this year, but it doesn’t get as much attention as other Google services. However, according to Engadget, the company has been making changes to it over the years. Now, a new Google News redesign will put a focus on local news stories.

Google has many properties like Photos, Drive, Calendar, Gmail, and so many more apps. Google News is one of the oldest ones, as it’s been around since 2022. It feeds you news stories based on your searches and preferences from all around the world.

Now, Google News will deliver more local news stories

Google News has always provided a wide range of stories from different regions of the world. It’s all based on the kind of stories you like to follow. Also, if you start searching up items in a certain category, you’ll start to see news stories and articles within that category. It’s a way for you to get the latest news from all over.


However, the most hard-hitting news could originate from the house down the street. Google News is going through a redesign that will put a focus on local news stories. Now, you’ll see news stories that hit home right at the top of the feed.

When you access the feed, you’ll see the top stories front and center, but you’ll see the local news immediately to the right of the screen. The Local News text will be colored green so that it will stick out.

The service also boosts its fact-checking function

With this redesign, when you look at a story, you’ll see the original claim right under it. This shows the original source that the story is based on. Also, you’ll see the fact checks, which will check if the information is credible. The fact checks are done by independent companies.


Last, but not least, Google News is going to return to Spain. Google pulled the service from that country because of a new law that required the company to pay publishers to use their stories. Since then, Google was able to work something out and bring the service back.