Google Meet Lets You See Invitees Who Haven't Joined Yet

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This happens sometimes: you send out a Google Meet invite, and you wait forever for them to actually join the call. It can be frustrating because you don’t know if they’ve even seen the invite or if they’re just slacking off. Well, according to Tech Radar, Google Meet will now show you the status of any invitee even when they haven’t joined the call yet.

When you send an invite via Google Meet, the invitee is sent to sort of a waiting room. There, you can make sure you’re prepared to join the meeting. While in the waiting room, you won’t be visible or audible to those in the chat, so you’ll be able to do what you need to ready up.

Google Meet will show the status of any invitee, even if they haven’t joined yet

When you send an invite to join a call, you’ll now see the person’s icon from your view. That person will have the Also invited status. This tells you that the person who you invited is not in the call. It’s not really necessary for calls with a small group of people. However, if you’re presenting something to a company of over 100 employees, then it’s hard to keep track of everyone who’s involved.


From the view, you’ll also be able to see the RSVP status of users. Before, you could only see that status if you were using Google Calendar.

If you need to communicate with an invitee who hasn’t joined, there’s another new feature that you will find useful. You’ll be able to directly message people you invited right from Google Meet. This is a highly efficient way to communicate with the invitees in case they forgot about the meeting.

If you’re excited about these features, they’re rolling out now. The rollout will take about two weeks to complete, so you’ll want to hang tight if it hasn’t reached you. Since this involves Google Workspace, there will be some tiers that don’t get these features. You can get these features if you don’t have an Essential, Enterprise, or personal plan.