June Pixel Feature Drop Brings New Features To 'At A Glance' Widget

at a glance pixel update AH

The June 2022 security update and Pixel Feature Drop is here. This one has a few new features for Pixel smartphones, that don’t require a new version of Android. These Pixel Feature Drops are typically quarterly, and normally come with the security updates that arrive each month.

So what’s new in this Feature Drop for Pixel users? First up is the new Pocket Operator, this is a feature that lets you play with sounds from video content. Allowing you to take sounds from videos, layer them, add visual effects and play around with them to create your own unique beats. This was made in collaboration with teenage engineering.

The new At A Glance is here

Also in this Feature Drop, we have some new features for At a Glance. That’s the widget that’s at the top of your home screen. There are three new features coming to this widget, which will provide you even more helpful information at your fingertips. The widget will show you when someone rings your Nest Doorbell, get a reminder and shortcut to turn off your flashlight, and even see air quality alerts for your current location from your lock screen. That part is definitely important as we enter summer and fire season for those out West.


Google is also adding a Vaccination Card. Just take a screenshot of your digital vaccination card and you can add it to a shortcut on your home screen. Making it easier to access in a hurry.

Of course, its Pride Month, which means some new Pride Wallpapers are coming in this update. Google Pixel collaborated with illustrator Yan Bastard to create three new wallpapers for the Curated Culture collection.

And finally, there’s a new Conversation Mode, which will allow you to amplify specific voices and block out the background noise you don’t want. That’s thanks to the Pixel camera.


This is all part of the security update that is now rolling out to the Pixels, running on Pixel 4 and later.