Google's Improving How You Connect Your Phone To Your Chromebook

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Getting files from your phone to your computer used to be a massive pain until recent years. Now, there are multiple seamless ways to get that photo you just took onto your computer to edit it. However, with ChromeOS 103, it’s even easier to connect your phone to your Chromebook using Phone Hub, according to The Verge.

At this point, there are 1,001  ways to transfer files from your phone to your Chromebook. You can do so through Google Drive, Google Photos, Bluetooth, and others. While they are quick and easy, there are ways to optimize this process further.

Google makes transferring to your Chromebook using Phone Hub easier

We can’t deny that this was inspired by Apple’s popular AirDrop feature. With the newest version of the software, ChromeOS 13, Google makes moving pictures from your phone to your computer effortless.


For starters, when you take a picture, that picture will immediately be sent to the Phone Hub app. That app lives on your Chromebook, so you’ll then be able to access the photo right then and there on the computer. This is great if you need to take a photo and immediately edit it without any hassle.

That’s not all that’s new. Google is also making it easier to connect your Chromebook to a saved Wi-Fi connection via your phone. This will use the Nearby Share feature. You’ll be able to use your phone to connect the Chromebook to the connection easily.

There are going to be more changes coming as the year goes on that will help make a more integrated ecosystem. Yes, Google is playing catch-up with Apple in that regard. We can’t ignore the fact that Apple has been tightening its connected ecosystem for years now, and Google’s now starting down that path.


We’ll definitely see some derivative features and additions as Google works on its Pixel ecosystem. The fact of the matter is that in order for there to be progress, some companies need to peek at another’s homework. Hopefully, these new features will help the integration between phones and Chromebooks.