Google Play Store Stops Support For AT&T Carrier Billing

Google Play Store AM AH 1

Google has officially announced that it will no longer accept AT&T carrier billing on the Play Store.

Using carrier billing for payments on Google Play is an excellent way for users to streamline their bills and get the costs on a monthly statement. This will reduce the need for linking credit cards or using other payment methods available. However, the end of the honeymoon between Google and AT&T seems to prevent customers from using Google’s carrier billing program.

As per the announcement of Google’s support page, AT&T carrier billing is no longer supported as a payment method on the Play Store. The new change takes effect this month, and new subscribers and those who want to set up carrier billing for the first time can’t choose AT&T carrier billing.


However, three other carriers are still available on Play Store, so you can rely on them for carrier billing. Other conventional payment methods are also still in place.

Some users can still continue using AT&T carrier billing, until September

Those users who activated the AT&T carrier billing before can continue using it as a payment method. But the ties between Google and AT&T will officially be cut out in September, and since then, AT&T won’t be the Google Play payment partner. Google requires users to update their payment method once September arrives.

The end of support for AT&T on the Play Store might be bad news for customers who used it for their payments over apps and other digital content. However, AT&T is not the only carrier leaving the Play Store. Earlier this year, Verizon also left Google’s carrier billing program, calling it a “business decision.”


Currently, you can find Boost Mobile, T-Mobile, and US Cellular for carrier billing on Play Store. Also, credit and debit cards, PayPal, Google Play gift cards, and Google Pay balances are other available payment options.