Google Fixed A Major Pixel Lock Screen Bug With June 2022 Update

AH Pixel 4a Android 12 lock screen image 1

As some of you already know, Google dropped the Pixel Feature Drop yesterday. Well, it started rolling it out to its Pixel phones. I, personally, wasn’t as interested in new features as I was in bug fixes, and Google delivered, at least when it comes to the Pixel lock screen bug.

Google fixed a major Pixel lock screen bug that people have been complaining about

What annoyed me the most is the lock screen bug that has crept in a while back. Both Reddit and Google issue tracker are filled with reports about this bug. I’m talking about the empty lock screen bug that has been plaguing Pixel phones.

You’ll be glad to know that the issue seems to be fixed entirely now. Those of you who experienced it are quite familiar with it, those of you who have not, well, let’s recap.


This issue occurred occasionally when you tapped the power button. Instead of your lock screen, you’d see an empty canvas, well, almost empty. The status bar was still there, and so was the navigation line at the bottom. The thing is, the display was unresponsive, and everything else was gone, except your wallpaper.

In order to fix this, you had to power off the display, and then power it on again. This happened occasionally for some, and in my case, almost all the time. Every third or fourth time I’d hit that power button, this bug would annoy me.

I’ve tried to replicate it a ton of times, but luckily, I was not able to

It became so annoying that I was getting ready to switch phones if Google didn’t fix it with this update. I’m glad to report that it seems to be fixed, as I tried to replicate it over 50 times thus far, since last night, and it’s all good thus far.


Just to be clear, I’m talking about the Pixel 4a here, but that’s not the only phone this issue has been fixed for. My friend’s Pixel 6 also seems to be in the clear, as he was unable to replicate this bug as well. It did happen less frequently for him, though.

In my personal experience, this was THE bug to fix with this update, and I’m glad that Google delivered.