Google Contacts Gets A Redesign For Wear OS 3

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Most smartwatch users had to sit for more than a year Galaxy Watch users got to use Wear OS 3 before anyone else. That was, understandably, frustrating. However, Wear OS 3 is going to make its way to the public, as Google is gearing up to release the Pixel Watch. Now, The Google Contacts app for Wear OS got a redesign for Wear OS 3.

Google is working on its software on two fronts. It’s making Android better-suited for tablets. Also, the company is getting ready to introduce the world to vanilla Wear OS 3. While we’ve seen it with Samsung’s Galaxy Watch series, that was Samsung’s take on it. We all know how much Samsung changes the software its products are running on.

The Google Contacts app got a redesign for Wear OS 3

There’s a collection of Google apps that’s formatted for the small-small screen. These are meant to keep you off of your phone for as long as possible. This is the case for the Google Contacts Wear OS app.  It gives you access to your saved contacts and lets you interact with them without needing to look at your phone.


The Google Contacts app just got a new redesign ahead of the Wear OS 3 launch, according to 9To5Google. This is a bit different, as the previous version of the app came pre-installed on Wear OS 2 devices. This new version is available to download from the Google Play Store.

The redesigned version is more suited for a circular display. The time sits at the top of the screen and it curves along with the edge. Right under the time, we see a circular search button. Under that, you’ll see your list of contacts in pill-shaped buttons.

If a contact is starred, they will show up first. Tapping on a contact will display the person’s profile picture prominently with their details right under. If there’s no picture assigned to the contact, then you’ll see their first initial.


This will get more people excited about Wear OS 3 when it eventually launches. By then, we should expect to see more app redesigns.