Google Allows Employee Relocation To States With Abortion Rights

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Google is now allowing its employees to relocate to states with abortion rights, following the recent US Supreme Court ruling.

On Friday, the Supreme Court overturned the right to abortion, which has created a lot of controversy in the country. The tech companies are responding to the ruling. As per the report, Google’s chief people officer Fiona Cicconi has sent an email to employees, letting them know they can “apply for relocation without justification.”

Also, those who are responsible for the relocation process are aware of the situation to process the requests.


Of course, Google traditionally offers relocation options to its employees, and this is not a new option. Google spokesperson Nicolas Lopez confirmed that no change had been made to the company’s relocation policies. The email sent by Cicconi aims to remind employees of their rights.

Google tells employees they can relocate to the states with abortion rights

Regarding Google’s relocation policies, the company mainly approves employee requests. Last August, Bloomberg reported that Google had received 10,000 requests to work remotely or relocate, and 85-percent of those were approved.

Google is one of the first companies to respond to the Supreme Court ruling on abortion. In the coming weeks, more companies may follow the same path and offer a relocation option to their employees. Of course, not all states are about to reject abortion rights.


The Supreme Court also left the final decision to the individual state governments. However, there are conflicting views on abortion rights among US states. Some states, such as Louisiana, Missouri, and Kentucky, immediately rejected abortion rights. But other states, such as California, which hosts Big Tech companies, have called for the law to be protected.

So those employees living in the states with abortion rights do not need to relocate. But they may have to be ready to host their new colleagues from other states.