The Galaxy XCover 6 Pro & Galaxy Tab Active 4 Pro Get Release Date

Samsung Galaxy XCover 6 Pro leaked press renders 1

There are a myriad of premium (and rather delicate) devices on the market today. Sure, they’re pretty, but some people prefer to have tougher tech. Well, fortunately for them, the Galaxy XCover 6 Pro and Galaxy Tab Active 4 Pro have just gotten their release date. That date is July 13th, according to Sam Mobile.

Samsung makes just about every type of product under the sun. Along with its premium Galaxy S devices, the company also makes some ruggedized devices. These have a more industrial design and are meant to withstand a beating. They’re meant for industries that are tougher on tech: construction, factory work, etc.

The Galaxy X Cover 6 Pro and Tab Active 4 Pro have their release date

On July 13th, users will be able to buy the Galaxy X Cover 6 and the Galaxy Tab Active 4. These are the company’s rugged devices that can take more abuse than its premium devices.


We don’t know too much about these devices’ specs, as the company will reveal this information during the event. This, unfortunately, will be an invite-only event. What we do know about the Galaxy X6 Cover Pro is that it will have a removable battery.

As for the build, we know that it will be made from a thick plastic that should be tough to break. There’s a thick casing around the device that dampens impacts.

Looking at the design, we see that Samsung is not focusing on thin bezels, as there’s a thick bezel surrounding the screen. The bezel is only interrupted by a tear-drop notch at the top of the display.


As for the tablet, the story is pretty much the same. There are thick bezels around the screen to protect the display from falls. We also see the thick casing around the device. It gives way for the buttons and ports. Another significant addition to the tablet is an S Pen.

We’ll need to wait on the official specs to get a better idea of how these devices are. It’s a few weeks from the released date, so you’ll need to mark your calendars.