You Can Now Fix Your Pixel With Genuine Parts

Google Pixel 6 cases AM AH

You like to live life on the edge and use your Pixel phone sans a case. When the unfortunate does happen, and you have to replace your broken display after a drop, you can rest assured. Google now lets you repair your device using genuine parts through iFixit.

If you don’t know why this is happening all of the sudden, a bill was passed that invoked “Right to repair”. This means that manufacturers are required to give users access to genuine replacement parts to repair their devices.

If you break the display on the phone you paid $1,099 for, chances are you don’t quite want to spend the money to get a new one. Instead, you can spend a lot less and have the parts mailed to you and fix it yourself.


Now, you can repair Pixel phones through this Google iFixit partnership

Google isn’t the only company pushed to give people access to genuine parts. Samsung is also partnering with iFixit, and Apple basically sends you a portable iPhone factory to fix your phone.

Google isn’t quite doing what Apple is doing, but it’s still more than enough. The company announced back in April that it was going to provide genuine Pixel parts for your phone through iFixit to repair your phone. This came right after Samsung announced its version.

With this partnership, Google will let you replace your display, camera modules, the battery, and other components. That’s a major relief to hear, especially when it comes to the battery. Not only is it good to have the option to replace your year-old battery, but you can replace your five-year-old battery! That’s right, you can fix phones as old as the Pixel 2. That phone was released back in 2017.


Now, let’s be realistic: it’s only a matter of time before we get that blog post stating that Google dropped support for Pixel 2 parts, so if you have that phone, you might want to replace the battery when you get a chance.

If you have a Pixel phone and you want to replace some parts, now is the time. You’ll buy your parts through iFixit, and you’ll also get a set of tools to help you fix your phone.

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