Five Games To Keep You Busy This Summer

Gates of Olympus image 4894845

Summer is a time of fun and joy. So you should get those kinds of emotions from every aspect of your everyday routine, including games. Games will keep you busy while the temperature outside is too hot, so you will be able to skip these hot periods in no time.

In the following paragraphs, we will present you with five high-quality games for Android which will entertain you and keep you busy while enjoying engaging gameplay.

Gates of Olympus – MrBet

Gates of Olympus image 4894845


And we are starting off with an casino online game provided by MrBet that is perfectly optimized for Android devices – Gates of Olympus.

It is a beautiful-looking six-reeled online slot featuring Greek gods theme. Animations and design are on the highest level, with a realistically looking Zeus floating on the right side of the screen.

The slot features scatter symbols that can reward you with up to 15 free spins and crazy multipliers while you use them. The Basic RTP of this slot is 96.5%, and the high volatility.


Subway Surfers

Subway Surfers is a good old classic that you might be already familiar with. The gameplay revolves around different characters who are running on the railway while trying to escape a guard. Thus, you will be a runner, and it is up to you to avoid numerous handicaps on your way. The further you run, the higher your position on the table of leaders will be.

Characters that you are using can be changed, but you will first need to obtain them. Thus, you will need to spend gold, find collectibles, or complete special events to find a suitable runner for you. And if we talk about events, Subway Surfers is famous for its diversity and frequency. It means that you will rarely find yourself bored, as there are so many missions and tasks to complete due to events.

Diablo Immortal

And the next on our list is the game whose predecessors have conquered the whole generation of gamers. Now, in 2022, you can play a version of legendary ARPG right on your Android device, ladies and gentlemen, Diablo Immortal.


Blizzard Entertainment (developer of Diablo) allows you to become a hero and take a leading role in the battle with demons and other unholy powers. Thus, you can choose one of the five legendary classes with their own set of stats and abilities to discover the vast world of Diablo.

The main plot will take you through a massive open-world map (divided into instances) where you will have to show your bravery and skills while completing dangerous tasks. You will face armies of enemies with unique, challenging bosses throughout your journey. But if you don’t like spending your time killing dozens of enemies, you can always go to the PVP mode and fight other players.

The final task of Diablo Immortal is to push your character to his limits, get the best gear, and use the most optimal skills. This process will take a while, so a busy summer with Diablo Immortal awaits you.


Brawl Stars

You must have heard about or played such games as clash royale or clash of clans. They are products of the Supercell developer, the same as Brawl Stars. Brawl Stars is a third-person shooter that gained popularity among younger audiences, but you will definitely like it regardless of your age.

The gameplay features a relatively small map with two teams. Each team is formed of three players who use unique brawlers (characters). Every character is unique and capable of doing its own staff. For example, some browsers can destroy their enemies from the long range with their guns, while others enter the melee range and obliterate their enemies with a rain of fists. You will need to eliminate the enemy’s team three times to win a game.

Supercell is a company that cares about its product a lot. That is why Brawl Stars getting regular updates, fixes the in-game balance, introduces minor changes, and brings new exciting content to the game.


Among Us

The spaceship is full of crew members, and one of them must be an impostor who silently kills others. So crew members must unite their powers and work together to find and throw out an impostor. That is what the brief description of the Among Us would sound like.

So obviously, depending on your role, you will need to stick to an entirely different game plan. If you are an ordinary crew member, you will need to complete little tasks on the ship while trying to find the impostor and predict his deeds. In contrast, if you are an impostor, you will need to eliminate as many crew members as possible.