Fitbit Charge 5 Plagued By Connection Issues, Fix Incoming

Fitbit Charge 5 4

The Fitbit Charge 5 has been having connection issues lately. Several users have reported that their wearable randomly disconnects from their phone, preventing it from syncing fitness data to the Fitbit app. The reports of this problem started surfacing on the official Fitbit community forums in January this year. It appears a fix is finally on the way, albeit a bit too far still.

Based on user complaints, there’s no pattern for these frequent disconnecting issues. Both Android and iOS devices are affected, with no specific firmware version for either the phone or the wearable being a clear culprit. Fitbit Charge 5 owners say the fitness tracker randomly disconnects from its host phone, sometimes refusing to connect again.

A reboot of the phone or the wearable or both resolves the problem but only temporarily. The connection automatically breaks sometime later. This makes for a frustrating experience for users. Their fitness tracker can’t sync data to the Fitbit app, both live and historic, thus limiting its capabilities.


It’s unclear how widespread this Fitbit Charge 5 connection issue is but it’s certainly not an isolated one-off case, or two. Ben Schoon of 9to5Google, who recently reported about this issue, also had his Charge 5 randomly disconnect once and refuse to connect again. A reboot of the device fixed the problem, but it deleted all fitness data from the day.

Fitbit is working on a fix but there’s no timeframe for its rollout yet

Unfortunately, it’s been months since this connection problem on the Fitbit Charge 5 first surfaced and the company has yet to fix it. An official forum moderator acknowledged the issue soon after the first report back in January. But the issue continues to bug users even today and all the company has to say is that they are working to resolve it. Fitbit hasn’t provided any temporary workaround either.

The latest update from the moderators does instill some hope, though. A fix for all affected users is in the works, the moderator has assured. But there’s no timeframe available yet as to when the fix may roll out. So it could still be quite a long wait.


The Charge 5 is one of Fitbit’s top-tier fitness trackers. These kinds of issues certainly won’t help the reputation of the device or the company. Hopefully, Fitbit won’t make users wait too long now for the fix. We will keep you posted with all the latest information in the coming days.