Facebook Was Hit By A major Phishing Scam

Facebook Logo Nov 15 2018 AH

Facebook and fearing for your digital privacy go together like peanut butter and jelly. The popular social app is ground zero to a major phishing scam that’s been going on for quite some time. This phishing scam targets Facebook users through the company’s Messenger app.

The bigger the corporation, the greater the chance of it being targeted. Facebook is one of the biggest social media platforms on the planet, and it’s been targeted by all sorts of phishing scams and data breaches over the years.

This new latest phishing scam targets Facebook users through the Messenger

Phishing scams are some of the most annoying things in our modern digital world. Scammers will contact you pretending to be a legitimate source and fool you into going to a malicious site.


This is the same case for this newest Facebook phishing attack. This new attack has been in the works for a while, even though it’s just now reaching the surface. It was discovered as far back as September 2021. While it’s been in business since last year, the campaign reached its peak between April and May 2022.

These attacks are pretty straightforward, and they rely on people trusting shady messages. The victim would enter their Facebook information into a legitimate-looking site. After that point, the victim would then be led to another site that displays ads and surveys. This is where the money pours in for the attackers, as they’ll get ad revenue from that.

It doesn’t end there, sadly; the victim didn’t enter their information for nothing. The site skims that person’s Facebook credentials and uses them to break into that person’s account. From there, that person will send out Facebook messages to more unsuspecting people. The messages will contain links to the phishing sites and the cycle starts all over again.


In order to avoid being a victim of this scam, don’t put your Facebook information on any shady websites. According to Phone Arena, this scam might have made the scammers millions of dollars.