Epic Games Has A New Rating System That Should Breed Fair Reviews

Epic Games Rating System 1

Epic has come up with rating system for its Epic Games Store app on PC, and it sounds like it’s intended to foster fairer reviews on games from the players. This should help prevent review bombing, a problem that has popped up time and again when a group of gamers aren’t particular happy about something to do with a title. It’s an issue that definitely needs better resolutions. And Epic Games may have figured out a good way to mitigate those types of reviews.

In a blog post from June 17, Epic’s Craig Pearson announces the new Ratings and Polls features. Both give players a way to provide direct feedback. But unlike other ratings systems on stores like Steam, GOG, etc., the rating system on the Epic Games Store doesn’t let just anyone post a review. Here’s how everything works.

The Epic Games Store rating system randomly selects players

The key to all of this, it seems, is to randomly select the player. This method, as Epic sees it, ensures that review bombing will be less of a problem. For starters, the new ratings system will randomly select players to score the game. But only players who have played more than two hours of a game will be considered for selection.


Epic says it also isn’t likely to ask about every single game that gets played. Specifically, because the selection for rating games is randomized. This also means players won’t be spammed with requests for ratings.

Players who are selected can rate a game up to 5 stars, then over time the ratings will populate on the store page. The randomized selection seems like a good idea to fight back against negative review bombing campaigns. But it remains to be seen whether or not it actually works well.

When it comes to the polls, this new feature will also randomly select players after a play session. Those chosen will have the chance to answer things like yes or no questions and even multiple-choice polls. You can see an example of what those polls might look like below.


Epic Games Rating System 2