Email Invites From Google Calendar Get a Modern Look

Google Calendar Logo

Google has started to roll out a new design for email invites sent from the Calendar app.

The Mountain View-based company is busy redesigning its applications and services. We recently reported that Google is working on a simpler sharing UI for Docs, Drive, and the G Suite family.

The Google Calendar is now getting a modern look for its email invites. While the changes are not significant, they give a modern look to the emails and make them align with the overall design language offered by the company.


Google says it aims to make emails “more accessible and useful” with this layout redesign. As you can see in the screenshot below, a description appears first; then you can see the meeting time and the people invited. Just like the previous design, the invitation is split into two halves. Also, Gmail’s summary card at the top hasn’t changed.

improved email notifications for google calendar invites corrected

Google Calendar email invites to get a new look

In the second half, a “Join with Google Meet” button allows you to join the meeting with the Meet app. The previous design had just a URL to Google Meet. You can also get the links to the meeting through the “Meeting link.”


Google also says, “when you receive an email notifying you of a modification to an event, such as a time or location change, it will display both the old and updated information.”

The new layout design will be available to all Google Workspace users, Suite Basic and Business customers, and personal Google Accounts.

The company started to roll out the fresh look to users, but it might take a few weeks for all users globally to get it. This might not be a huge and significant change to Google Calendar. However, it’s still a good move toward modernizing the service. Google says the new design “enables you to quickly find and act on an event’s most important information.”