Elon Musk Met With Twitter Staff, And Hinted At Layoffs

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As announced recently, Elon Musk has met with Twitter staff. As most of you know, Elon Musk is expected to take over Twitter. His $44 billion bid was accepted, but there’s still a chance that the deal won’t go through. More on that later.

Elon Musk had its first meeting with Twitter staff, and hinted at layoffs

During this meeting, Elon Musk addressed topics like remote working, freedom of speech, and potential extraterrestrial life, reports BBC. This was also the first time he addressed the staff since the takeover announcement.

This meeting actually took place via a video call, he did not physically meet them. During it, however, he said that “the company does need to get healthy. Right now the costs exceed the revenue”.

He did also add that “significant contributors” shouldn’t be worried about their jobs. In addition, he said he prefers when employees work from the office, not remotely, except if “somebody is exceptional”.


He also touched upon extraterrestrial life

What he also touched upon is extraterrestrial life. It’s not clear why he did it, though, perhaps it was one of the questions issued to him by the staff prior to the meeting. Otherwise, it doesn’t make a lot of sense. That’s probably what happened, though.

In any case, he said that he did not see “actual evidence for aliens”. He hinted that Twitter could help “civilization and consciousness”, while also asking the question of whether it’s possible to travel to other star systems and find out whether there are alien civilizations.

Now, at the beginning of the article, I mentioned that there’s still a chance the deal won’t go through. Why? Well, due to fake accounts. Elon Musk asked for information from Twitter regarding the user base.

Twitter didn’t really jump at a chance to provide such information, even though it’s likely coming. It took them a while to address it, but considering this meeting took place at all, suggests a solution is coming. Some reports also suggested that Twitter will obey the request.


If it turns out Twitter has far more fake accounts than Elon Musk thought, the price could be lowered. We’ll see.