Disney Mirrorverse Finally Lands On The Play Store

Disney Mirrorverse

Disney has a deep reservoir of characters, and they’ve been put in the fighting ring from time to time. Now Disney, in collaboration with Kabam Games, inc. have launched the mobile app  Disney Mirrorverse.

Disney Mirrorverse lets you play as your favorite Disney Characters

The main attraction to this game is the ability to play as some of your favorite characters from Disney shows and movies; that doesn’t only mean the heroes. You can play as some of the most popular Disney baddies from Scar to Maleficent.

As the story goes, there were two stars that collided. This created a universe where Disney heroes and villains lived in peace and harmony. There’s a sacred mirror that’s the source of all magic in the universe, and it’s guarded by a powerful wizard (yes, of course, the wizard is Mickey).


However, a new and evil force emerged and aims to steal the mirror. This force consists of monsters of different generic shapes and forms, but some of the monsters are evil versions of the Disney Characters. They’re called the Fractured due to the fact that they shatter when they’re defeated.

It’s up to you to gather a team of characters and fight back the force of evil fractured monsters and protect the mirror.

The gameplay is pretty straightforward

Playing the game for a bit, I was able to get a feel for the gameplay. It’s pretty straightforward, which makes it easy for younger players to pick up and play this game. You use the digital joystick on the left to move your character and you use the attack buttons on the right to perform attacks.


You tap on the main attack to do your regular attacks and hold it to charge up a heavy attack. Above the attack button, there’s a powered attack button you can use to inflict more damage. The powered attack has a cooldown.

You can download Disney Mirrorverse from the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. If you want to get this game from the Play Store, just know that it’s going to be 1.2GB to download.

Download Disney Mirroverse