Gaming Chromebooks Will Center around Cloud Gaming

Stadia 1

Chromebooks have never been associated with gaming. While they can run some Android games, you’re not going to turn to a Chromebook to get some serious gaming done. However, that might change in the near future. The first fleet of gaming-focused Chromebooks will center around cloud gaming.

We’ve known that Google has been wanting to boost the gaming capabilities of its Chromebooks for a while. The company launched the alpha version of Steam a few months ago to top-specced Chromebooks.

Now, gaming Chromebooks will be focused on cloud gaming

As funny as this may sound, there are some gaming Chromebooks on the horizon. Google partnered with HP and Lenovo to produce some Chromebooks with hardware tuned to be optimal for gaming.


Now, we’re not sure what kind of hardware we’re going to get with these books. Even though they’re meant for gaming, don’t expect them to have the latest and greatest CPUs and GPUs. Why? Because these Chromebooks are going to be rendering the actual games.

According to 9To5Google, these new Chromebooks are going to focus on cloud gaming. Cloud gaming technology is growing, as there are several companies out there with their own streaming services.

These gaming Chromebooks will use two of the most popular cloud gaming platforms: Stadia and GeForce Now. It’s obvious that Stadia is included in this, and it’s nice to see that there’s another option. In all honesty, Stadia hasn’t been doing too well in recent months.


Now, the software for these computers will be tweaked a bit to accommodate for streaming. For starters, the Google Stadia and GeForce Now apps will come preinstalled on them. Not only that but they will be pinned to the Start screen.

We don’t know much more about these computers, so we’ll need to wait for these computers to get closer to release. Information like price and availability will come out when these computers near their launch.