Bricked Pixel 7 Pro Prototype Shares Some New Details

Google Pixel 7 Pro image 11

Some new Pixel 7 Pro details have been shared by a bricked prototype of the device. As some of you already know, the Pixel 7 Pro prototypes have been sold online recently. Someone managed to get their hands on them.

Bricked Pixel 7 Pro prototype revealed some new details

Well, one owner of such a prototype decided to provide some additional news via a Telegram group. His device has been bricked by Google, just like all the other devices that went on sale ahead of time.

He did manage to pull some information from the device logs, though. Thanks to that info, now we know more about the Pixel 7 Pro display and processor.


The Google Pixel 7 Pro seems to be using Samsung’s S6E3HC4 display panel. That is a slight improvement over the S6E3HC3 panel that the Pixel 6 Pro used. So it’s not the exact same display.

That display will offer a resolution of 3120 x 1440, as expected. It will also be curved, based on the prototypes that leaked, and the CAD-based renders that surfaced before that. Google showed us the back side of the phone, but not the front.

The Google Tensor 2 SoC will use the same core design as its predecessor

Now, in terms of the chipset, the Google Tensor 2 will be in use. That much we knew already, as Google confirmed it during Google I/O last month. The 2nd-gen Google Tensor processor will fuel the device.


This bricked prototype revealed that the Google Tensor 2 uses the same 2+2+4 core design as its predecessor. It will use two performance cores, two mid-cores, and four low-power cores. It will also stick to the Cortex A-55 for its low-power cores.

The CS40I25 haptic driver from Cirrus Logic has also been mentioned, and the same goes for an NFC chip built by STMicroelectronics. These logs also revealed some codenames for Google’s Pixel devices, including ‘panther’, ‘cheetah’, and ‘felix’. Those stand for the Pixel 7, 7 Pro, and 7a.