Ark: Survival Evolved – 7 Essential Tips For Starting Out

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Ark gives you an exceptional experience compared to most survival video games out there. You may not die at the hand of an enemy player. But many other things can still kill you in the game. For example, you can die from staying too long without eating or drinking. More gruesome cases happen when a dinosaur shreds you for lunch.

Well, there’s nothing you can change. All these features contribute to the game’s uniqueness as a survival genre. However, you can utilize the survival tips we’ll share in this post. You can also visit https://battlelog.co/ark-survival-evolved-hacks-cheats/ for the best Ark cheats and hacks.

7 Tips For Starting Out in Ark

1. Choose a friendly server.

Avoid servers that are unfriendly for beginners. For instance, overpopulated servers are deadly for a beginner. But, it’s quite difficult to tell which server is ideal for you. So read the chats or ask questions. One or two persons might be patient enough to give you a genuine answer.


2. Thirst and hunger can kill you.

When you first spawn on the beach, one thing to consider is your health. A good way to keep your health meter up is by feeding your character and keeping it well hydrated. If you get into a fight or your character gets too hot, your thirst will heighten. So, get yourself some clean water, and the cleanest sources of water in Ark are wells. Also, your first meal in Ark will be the poor Dodos. Some hits to the head will kill them.

3. Some things are not safe to eat.

With this in mind, the first things you should consider are Narcoberries. These berries are quite easy to get, but they are not meant for humans. They’re meant to be fed to dinosaurs while you’re trying to tame them. Also, you must avoid Stimberries if you don’t have a nearby source of clean drinkable water. Despite its use to prevent your character from getting knocked out, they dehydrate your character. Lastly, raw meats are not very safe – cook them before eating.

4. You must regulate your body temperature.

Getting too hot will make you thirsty, while getting too cold will make you hungry. You’re most likely to get cold if you wear nothing else save the loincloth you started the game with. Therefore, you’ll need a campfire to keep you warm. If you are in motion, get a torch handy. When you get too hot, find a body of water and submerge in it, but not for too long – sea monsters are the last things you’d want to fight.


5. Tame some beasts

Ark is a game where players are free to play anyhow they choose, as there are no game objectives. As such, focus on taming some large beasts in the game. While you can use them to farm for materials, they’ll also help you fight against larger foes of their kind. To tame a dino, first, knock them out by hitting them with a dull club. After that, feed them with Narcoberries or raw meat (depending on if they’re herbivores or carnivores) until they’re fit.

6. You’ll need sleeping bags.

You’ll die a lot in the game. So this shouldn’t be a concern anymore. A bigger worry comes when you spawn back on the beach and start the long walk to your base in the forest. Craft Sleeping bags for your character and place them at strategic locations on the map to void this. When you eventually die again, you’ll spawn at the location of your sleeping bags.

7. Reclaim your items after respawn

When you die, you’ll drop all the items on your character at the location. Luckily, you can reclaim your lost items after you respawn in the game. Simply rush back to the spot and pick up the bag you left behind. Moreover, it gets a lot easier if you have a sleeping bag close to the location.



You can get easily overwhelmed in Ark’s world if you lack basic survival tips. First things first, get yourself something worthwhile to keep you occupied. We recommend taming a dinosaur. But before this, make sure you eat and drink something – you don’t want to drop dead from hunger or thirst.

Also, follow the tip we have provided above to regulate your character’s temperature. Then you must craft your first basic pickaxe and, importantly, a sleeping bag. After this, proceed with other activities such as building bases or farming for building items.