The Anker 523 Portable Power Station Is Now $160 Off!

Anker 523 power station

The Anker 532 portable power station, which usually retails for $359.99, is now on sale for $160 off. That drops it down to only $199.99, which is a whopping 44% price cut.

What is the Anker 532 portable power station?

Anker is a company known for making all sorts of charging accessories from chargers to cords to charging stations. The Anker 523 is an all-in-one charging hub that you can take out with you. It’s meant to charge multiple devices at the same time when you don’t have access to an outlet.

The device has three USB-A ports on the front along with a USB-C port. It lets you charge multiple phones and other mobile devices at the same time. The USB-A ports output a max of 30W and the USB-C port outputs a max of 60W.


However, it’s not only for charging your phones and tablets. There’s a carport that you can use for devices with that type of plug, a 300W AC outlet, and two DC ports you can use to charge larger devices like laptops.

When it comes to charging, you should get a lot of mileage out of a single charge with the Anker 532 portable charging station. This is a 300W/298Wh generator and it’s good to power your devices for a while. According to SlickDeals, this charging station should be able to charge an iPhone 12 about 20 times and a MacBook Air 2020 3 to 4 times. That’s great if you’re going on a trip and you need a station to top off your devices or keep them charged.

It’s built to take on the elements

The Anker 532 portable power station is a device that you can take outdoors or in dangerous situations. It’s built from sturdy materials, so you know that it can take a drop and keep going. The carport and the AC port both have covers to make sure that nothing gets into them. You won’t have to worry about taking this device outside or tossing it in the back of a truck.


There’s a nifty display

One neat addition to this power station is the display on the front. It shows you all sorts of useful information about its status. For starters, it shows you the battery percentage of the device, and that’s the biggest number on the device.

It also shows you a temperature indicator for extreme temperatures and it also shows you the input and output power of the device. This is an all-around useful and fully-featured portable charging station, and the $160 discount makes it even more of a deal. You can get it on Amazon today and make sure to use the promo code POWERHOUSE32 to get the discount.



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