You Can Use The New Android 13 Media Player With These Apps

Android 13 features AM AH

Android 13 is bringing several visual changes to the software, and one of them is the new media player. While we’ve been on the beta for Android 13 for a while, not a lot of people have been able to see it. However, according to 9To5Google, you’ll be able to see it if you’re using the right apps.

Android’s media player has changed quite a bit since the first Android 13 beta launched. Back when the first beta launched, the media player had a certain look to it that people liked, but the company decided to change it with later beta releases.

Now, you can see this new Android 13 media player by using certain apps

Right now, Google is releasing the Android 13 beta 3.3 to its phones. This update will fix some critical bugs in the system. If you update to that version, there’s a chance that you won’t be able to see the new media player.


This was spotted on the Android 13 beta 3.2. When you play media using either Google Podcasts or Google Chrome, you’ll see the new Android 13 media player. Using this media player, you’ll see some of the buttons moved to different spots.

With the new player (at least with Google Podcasts), the play/pause button is moved to the far right side about halfway up. The button will be rather large and colored to match your device’s theme. The play button is housed inside of a circle, and the pause button is inside a rounded square.

You’ll see the progress bar taking up most of the bottom of the card. On either side of it, you’ll see the skip forward and skip back buttons.


If you’re using Google Chrome, the setup will be different depending on the available buttons. If you’re streaming something like Soundcloud, then the play/pause button will be on the bottom of the card along with everything else. The progress bar will take up about half of the space with the play/pause, skip track, and the upvote and downvote buttons next to it.

You should update to the Android 13 beta 3.3

If you’re still on the Android beta version 3.2, you might want to update to the latest version as soon as possible. There are some major issues with the software that are ironed out with this next update.

For starters, there’s a Wi-Fi bug that prevents the device from connecting to known networks. There are other issues that you don’t want to encounter. Google is rolling out this update, so you should be getting it soon.