Google Releases Android 13 Beta 3, Only One Beta Left!

AH Android 13 DP1

Today, Google has released Android 13 Beta 3. This is the platform stability beta, and there will be one more beta before the final release around August or September.

What this means is that the APIs for Android 13 are now final. So app developers can start final compatibility testing now, and uploading versions of their apps that work with Android 13.

This beta is available today for the Pixel and for the Lenovo Tab P12 Pro and Xiaomi Tab 5.

What’s new in Android 13 Beta 3?

Now that we’re in beta 3, there’s not a lot of changes and new features coming to Android 13. These are mostly tweaks, as we get closer to the final release later this year. However, Google has published a checklist of things that developers should be checking for with their apps, to ensure Android 13 compatibility.


For instance with tablets and large-screens, you’ll want to check how the taskbar interaction works, as well as multi-window mode. Developers can also check to see how their app responds to compatibility mode adjustments such as letterboxing.

Of course, developers will also want to check out the runtime permission for notifications. It’s a new feature in Android 13, which requires permission from the user to send notifications. So developers will want to target API 33 as soon as possible.

Beta 3 should be pretty stable, so if you do want to enroll your Pixel or other device into the beta program and check it out, it should be pretty good. We’ve been running Beta 2 on our Pixels around here at AndroidHeadlines, and it’s been pretty good so far. Minus a Twitter bug that was fixed with the Beta 2.1 rollout last week.

The final build is likely coming around August or September. Typically right after Labor Day, however last year it was a bit later, likely due to everyone working from home.