The Android 13 Beta 3 Brings A Change To the Battery Widget

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The latest beta version of Android 13 just dropped, and people are sinking their teeth into whatever new features or additions they can find. One thing that people found out was that there was a change to the battery widget. With the next Android 13 beta, you can make the battery widget even smaller.

The battery widget was introduced earlier this year during a feature drop. It gives you insight into your device’s battery level and the battery of your connected devices. It can tell you the level of your connected Bluetooth devices. If you’re using TWS earbuds, it will tell you the level of each individual bud.

With the Android 13 beta 3, you can make the battery widget even smaller

When the battery widget was first introduced, you could resize it to show you a varying amount of information. The widget can display up to four items including the phone itself. As you shrink it, it’ll show you fewer items.


After the latest update, you’ll be able to take the widget and shrink it to only show one item. It’ll only show you the device’s battery level as a 2×1 square. That’s useful if you’re trying to squeeze the widget into your setup.

However, it’s a bit counter-intuitive to what the widget is meant for. It’s meant to give you a detailed look at your phone and connected devices. You use it to get at-a-glance information on the battery profile of everything. Whether it’s useful or not, it’s there, and you can use it if you’re using an eligible Pixel phone.

In Other Android 13 Beta 3 News: The Navigation Bar Is Now Wider

The new beta version of Android 13 comes with some slight UI changes throughout the software. One noticeable change that people have spotted was the new navigation bar. This is the line on the bottom of the screen that you swipe to go to the home screen, switch apps, etc.


Now, after the update, the navigation bar is actually a bit wider. People are comparing this new bar to that of iOS. It’s not likely that Google made this change to make the phone seem more like an iPhone.