Android 13 Beta 3.3 Comes In With Bug Fixes

Android 13 features AM AH

We’re waist-deep in the Android 13 beta, and we’re all gearing up to get the last round of updates. The third beta launched not too long ago, but there were some bugs in the software, prompting two additional updates to iron them out. Now, Google is releasing Android 13 beta 3.3 to help squash even more bugs.

At this point, we shouldn’t expect too many more groundbreaking features to be added via the beta program. It’s late in the game and most of the new features and UI changes have already been issued. Now, Google is now focusing on final stability updates to put a bow on the software.

Now, Android 13 beta 3.3 is out

We can expect the usual bunch of bugs and hiccups in beta software, but Android 13 beta 3 was a bit of a special case. There are couple of bugs in the software that really dampens the whole experience. They’re bad to the point where people can’t wait for the beta 4 to come out.


To start off, the most bothersome bug in the software is a Wi-Fi bug. Yes, there’s ANOTHER Wi-Fi bug afflicting Pixel devices. This bug wouldn’t let the phones connect to known Wi-Fi connections. You can see how that’ll be annoying, as a lot of people use home and public Wi-Fi in lieu of their data.

Another bug causes some weirdness to happen with the keyboard when you’re using the app drawer. If you set the keyboard to always show up when you open the app drawer, then you close the app drawer and open an app from the home screen, and the keyboard would pop up over the app.

Other bugs include the system crashing when using the back gesture, the phone becoming unresponsive when you plug it in, and a handful more. These bugs should be squashed with the Android 13 beta 3.3 update.


Checking for the update

This update is rolling out, so users should be able to see it soon. If you go to your settings, go to System, and then go to Update, you should see the option to scan for the update. If you don’t see it, you should wait a day or two and try again.