Android 13 Beta 3.2 Arrives With A Bunch Of Bug Fixes

Android 13 features AM AH

Google is nearing the Android 13 stable release. It’s currently fine-tuning the new software package, quashing any existing bugs. A couple of days after the Beta 3 release last Wednesday, the company rolled out Beta 3.1 with an important fix. Now, ahead of the final Android 13 beta, Google is seeding one more hotfix update, i.e. Beta 3.2, with several major bug fixes.

According to Google’s official release notes, Android 13 Beta 3.2 eradicates an issue where the back gesture wasn’t working in some apps. Users had to either minimize the app and go back to home or use on-screen navigation buttons. The new release also patches a bug that caused some apps to crash instantly after opening. The frequent crashing of the Google Photos app has been fixed too.

The previous beta release also caused the At a glance settings page to collapse when scrolling. The issue didn’t occur consistently but Google has now fixed it. Last but not least, Android 13 Beta 3.2 fixed an issue where the microphone would randomly turn on and off regardless of whether you are using it.


Google notes that the rest of the know bugs on Beta 3 exist on Beta 3.2 as well. The minor release in between the two didn’t patch any bugs but fixed an important issue where the Android Beta Feedback app went missing for some users. Since the app is extremely important for reporting bugs and providing other feedback, Google rolled out the app with Android 13 Beta 3.1.

Android 13 Beta 3.2 is now rolling out

Android 13 beta is open to the last three generations of Pixel phones, Pixel 4 through Pixel 6. If you’re enrolled in the beta program, you should be getting the Beta 3.2 update over the air (OTA) within a few days. You can also download the latest milestone build for your Pixel from the official Android website and manually flash it on your phone.

The most recent beta version of Android 13 is quite stable. Of course, there still exist many bugs. But the normal functioning of the device isn’t affected much, surely not as much as the Beta 2. With each new release, Google has made the software more stable than before.


As said earlier, Google will likely release one last beta version, i.e. Beta 4, before Android 13 hits the stable channel. The final beta update for Pixel phones may arrive next month. The stable release is expected towards the end of August or in early September. We will keep you posted.