The Android 12 Beta Has Now Ended

AH Android 12

Not long after Android 12 officially launched, Google announced that it was going to extend the beta testing period deeper into 2022. We had no idea how long back then; however, we know now. The beta program for Android 12 has now officially ended.

The Android beta program would usually end around the launch of the software. However, Android 12 was an exception. Google extended the beta testing period to continue gathering user feedback on the software. Things were only further complicated by Android 12L.

Now, the Android 12 beta has ended

With the Android 13 beta up and going, the beta testing phase for Android 12 has drawn to a close. The official Android Beta subreddit added a post yesterday regarding the latest Android 12 beta update (Android 12 QPR3). It launched alongside the latest June 2022 feature drop.


In the post, it reads that this update “concludes our Android 12 (QPR3) beta program”. This means that people who are on the beta program will be getting the last batch of bug fixes and tweaks to the software. Not only that but the update will include the June 2022 security patch.

This update will be rolling out gradually over the coming weeks to Pixel devices. This includes phones from the Pixel 4 to the Pixel 6 phones. The Pixel 3a already received its update to the stable version not too long ago.

What’s good news is that once you install the latest version of the software, you’ll be able to leave the beta program without wiping your data. You’ll just need to wait until you’ve installed the software before trying to exit the program.


How to check for the update

You should be automatically notified about the update. However, you can manually check for the update just in case. Go to your settings and scroll down to System. There, scroll down to Update. Tap on the Check for update button at the bottom of the screen. Your phone will then search for the update. If it finds it, you’ll be able to install the update.