Amazon Launches Local Multiplayer Feature For Luna Cloud Gaming

Amazon Luna controller

Amazon is making it a lot easier to set up local multiplayer on its Luna cloud gaming service for some good old-fashioned fun with friends. Today, the company announced a new feature being added to the service called Guest Mode. And as the name of the feature suggests, it lets you add guests to your play session. This should come in handy for any games you play that might be better with at least one other person.

And while Luna did already support tons of online multiplayer games, the new Guest Mode feature brings things to a more personal level. Since it’s local multiplayer and you can invite people over that you know to enjoy Luna gaming with you.

Local multiplayer on Luna will work with a Luna Controller or your phone

The really cool thing about Guest Mode, is that it works with actual controllers or phones. Once you start up Luna and host a game, you can enable Guest Mode from the Luna app. If your friends don’t have a Luna controller of their own, no problem. Guest Mode lets you use the Luna controller or the phone controller in the Luna app.


So they can easily launch the Luna app and connect to your session that way. Then all that’s left is to sit down and play, while enjoying your favorite games together.

Worth noting is that when starting a host session and enabling Guest Mode, you will be given a 6-digit code. Your friends will need to enter this 6-digit code to enter your host session. Entering the code is also done from within the Luna app. Inside the app, you will see a button that says “join Guest Mode group.” Then you will be prompted to enter the 6-digit code that was initially created.

The Guest Mode feature is arriving at a great time, since Amazon announced Samurai Warriors 5 is landing on Luna this month. And this is a game that’s fun to play solo, but it’s much more fun with friends.