Amazon Confirms July's Crop Of Games Coming To Luna

Amazon Luna Cloud Gaming 1 1

July is almost here and that means people are starting to enjoy the Summer, but it also means the Amazon Luna service is getting a new crop of games, including Mega Man 11.

Now, there will be a handful of games added to the Luna service in the month of July. But they won’t all be added at the same time. In fact Luna games for July are being spread out throughout the month. But this shouldn’t be a surprise as Amazon does this every month.

Having said that, Amazon hasn’t shared specific dates for the release of these new game additions. It’ll likely do that once July hits, so expect to see more details on game releases perhaps towards the end of next week.


Mega Man 11 joins Amazon Luna in the Prime Gaming channel

Amazon Luna is getting about 8 games throughout July (though technically one of those is a bundle), one of those being Mega Man 11. This will be added to the Prime Gaming Channel which you should have access to for free if you’re a Prime subscriber. Currently the titles in the Prime Gaming Channel you can play for free are Beach Buggy Racing 2, Bloodrayne 2 Terminal Cut, Far Cry 4 Gold Edition, Lumines, and Moving Out.

After July’s games are added, Prime subscribers will have access to Mega Man 11, Overcooked! 2, skateBIRD, and the Castlevania Anniversary Collection.

Outside of the Prime Gaming Channel adds, there are a few other games coming. This includes Hotwheels Unleashed in the Luna+ Channel. The Retro Channel is getting a couple games as well with Earthworm Jim and Earthworm Jim 2. And finally the Family Channel is getting Worms Crazy Golf.


The most value out of all these games comes from the Castlevania Anniversary Collection. As there’s quite a few games in it. Although that really depends on how you feel about that type of game.

Luna is joining the Samsung Gaming Hub soon

Worth noting is that Luna is coming to the Samsung Gaming Hub soon. So if you have a compatible Samsung TV, Luna will eventually be available. Making it way easier to play games through the Luna service on that TV. Neither Amazon nor Samsung has confirmed when Luna is being added though.