Action Launcher v50 Will Bring Welcome New Features

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Launchers are a gateway to tons of different customizations for Android devices, and Action Launcher is one of the most popular ones. The program has been developing over the years, and the next major update is on its way. Action Launcher v50 will bring some welcome features. It’s also going to bring some welcome changes for free users.

The launcher market is a big one, as some people just aren’t satisfied with what comes with their phones. Several Android OEMs add their own skins on top of the Android operating system, and that can be for better or for worse.

Third-party launchers are typically made by smaller companies, and they sometimes introduce features you don’t find from bigger companies. Not only that, but since they’re made by smaller teams, they are, ostensibly, more tailored to what the community wants.


Action Launcher will launch v50 with welcome changes

Chris Lacy, the developer of Action Launcher just posted a lengthy blog post about the changes coming to the app. It started off with a bit of an apology to the community as far as monetization is concerned.

One of the major complaints targeted at Action Launcher was how aggressively it was monetized. Launchers, like Nova Launcher, have a set of features held behind a paywall to help support the development.

However, people said that Action launcher leaned too much into the whole “freemium” model and hoarded too many of the useful features behind the paywall. He stated, “It was far too aggressive in pushing people to purchase the Plus upgrade, which turned a great many people off.”


However, he said that it’s going to change with Action Launcher v50. We’re not sure which features are coming to the free side, but avid users will be excited to see what comes.

There are other changes coming

As for new features, when you use the search function, you’ll see recently changed settings in the search history. What’s neat is that you’ll be able to change certain settings right from that screen.

The app will show you popular search destinations when you type in the search bar. You’ll get results like Wikipedia, YouTube, and so on right below the search bar.


You’ll get these changes along with welcome bug fixes. If you’re a fan of this launcher, it looks like it’s going to get a lot better.