A Patent Filing Reveals Huawei Is Working On A Quantum Computer

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Huawei has recently filed a patent that shows the company’s desire to develop a quantum computer.

Huawei is not merely a mobile manufacturer anymore and is trying to diversify its business as much as possible. After the sanction imposed on the company by both the Trump and Biden administrations, the importance of expanding the business into new areas is doubled for Huawei.

According to the latest reports, the Chinese company is now working on quantum computing devices. The patent filing reveals that Huawei has developed a “quantum chipset and quantum computing device”. The patent number for this machine is CN114613758A.



huawei quantum computing chipset

quantum chipsets bring some benefits like easier assembling and higher yields. However, developing quantum chipsets is not an easy thing to do, and it has so many technical challenges. Also, the quantum chipsets currently offer low yields compared to conventional chipsets. But Huawei hopes to find a solution to these challenges through quantum computing.


Quantum chipsets can be Huawei’s trump card in the market

If Huawei can succeed with its quantum computing program, it can aim to conquer a larger market share.

The patent filing also reveals some inside baseball details about the Huawei quantum chipset that might be interesting for some folks. As per the patent listing, the Huawei quantum chipset architecture consists of a substrate, M sub-chips, a coupling structure, and a cavity mode suppression structure. Also, each sub-chip includes N qubits, and M sub-chips are arranged on the surface of the substrate at intervals, and the coupling structure is used to realize the interconnection between the M sub-chips.

Moreover, the coupling structure is used to realize the interconnection between the M sub-chips. Finally, the cavity mode suppression structure is arranged at the edge of each sub-chip and/or in the gap between the M sub-chips and is used for increasing the cavity mode frequency of the quantum chip.


Quantum computers can significantly increase Internet and computing speeds. However, they are still in the initial development phase and might take years for commercialization. They might also bring benefits to health industry, weather prediction, and more.