Zoom Aims To Make Remote Collaboration More Fun With New Tools

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Zoom is adding a host of new tools and abilities to its video conferencing platform. The company is aiming to increase remote collaboration and engagement for enhanced productivity while keeping meetings fun.

There’s a new Collaborate Mode that makes the screen-sharing model on Zoom more interactive. The feature lets hosts start collaborative experiences for any app, allowing participants to remotely interact with it. The host’s app view will be instantly visible to all participants, similar to a shared screen view. This allows them to preview the app experience before joining the meeting.

Collaborate Mode on Zoom will work across all browsers. The company has laid out a few examples of how this feature will help enhance the productivity of your team. You can use the Miro whiteboard app to remotely co-create in real-time. Preset templates and other visual tools such as sticky notes and diagrams will enable a seamless collaborative workspace.


Speaking of co-creating, the Coda app for Zoom will enable teammates to work on the same document in Collaborate Mode. “Rather than presenting to, collaborate with,” the company says.

Zoom is also adding Playco’s #AskAway app that brings a fun element to meetings. It’s a game app that asks random questions about your colleagues. The game is played in rounds, with each round putting one participant in the hot seat. The Funtivity by Hermis app also enhances employee engagement with start bite-sized fun activities. Collaborative intelligence platform MURAL is another app that will support Collaborate Mode on Zoom. We expect the company to add more such apps in the future.

Breakout Rooms on Zoom are getting more creative

Zoom already lets you break large meetings into smaller groups with its Breakout Rooms feature. The company is now making these rooms more engaging and productive with new creative tools. The Welo app will virtually reproduce the office environment in a metaverse-like setting. You will be able to create an avatar, integrate your favorite tools, and embed key information into rooms, which will be visible to all attendees in the room. As you enter a new room, everyone can see, which creates a “more human experience.”


twine for Zoom is a Breakout Room management app that lets hosts quickly create new rooms with custom rules. It also lets you “rotate between timed and back-to-back breakouts, chat across rooms, keep chats post-call, assign activities and monitor progress.”

Last but not least, Funtivity by Hermis also offers specialized activities for Breakout Rooms. These activities and games can be played as individuals or teams. Zoom says this app is “perfect for new hire onboarding, all-hands, employee training, customer sessions, and more.”

If Zoom is your go-to video conferencing app for remote collaborations, the new features and app updates should be available to you from the Apps tab within the platform. You can also download Zooms apps from its App Marketplace.


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