YouTube Will Stream Its 'MLB Game Of The Week' In 4K For 2022

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Google’s YouTube is looking to bring games from the MLB 2022 season to more users in 4K resolution via an ‘MLB Game of The Week’ stream. That includes games shown on  YouTube, for a small number of users. But more dominantly, it includes any YouTube TV subscriber with the 4K Plus add-on. That’s based on recent reports following the announcement.

According to a company representative, the company is currently “testing” 4K resolution streaming with standard YouTube users. But it won’t be available to most users for now. For those who don’t have the add-on, the stream won’t be in 4K.

A total of 15-games are currently slated for 4K streaming this season.


Which MLB games are already set to stream in 4K resolution on YouTube?

Now, what sets the upcoming broadcasts apart from competitors is fairly straightforward. Most streams of games — MLB or otherwise — are not in 4K resolution. That boils down to individual support for the resolution from the various broadcasters. Making this news more impactful than might seem obvious.

In terms of the games themselves, around seven such games are already reportedly slated to stream in 4K. That starts tomorrow — Thursday, May 5 at 3 PM Eastern Time with the Washington DC Nationals facing off against the Colorado Rockies. From there, the next 4K stream is expected to feature the Milwaukee Brewers and Cincinnati Reds on May 11 at 12:35 PM.

Next is the May 20 game taking place at 2:20 PM between the Arizona Diamondbacks and the Chicago Clubs. Followed by the Detroit Tigers and Minnesota Twins on May 25 at 1:10 PM and the Kansas City Royals against the Cleveland Guardians on June 1 at the same time. The Royals will return to take on the Toronto Blue Jays on June 8 at 2:10 PM. And, finally, the Twins will play at the Seattle Mariners on June 15 at 4:10 PM.


Each of those games is expected to feature 4K streaming via YouTube’s MLB Game of The Week. With more undoubtedly to be added as the season progresses.

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