YouTube Music For Wear OS Gets 'Recently Played' Tile

YouTube Music Wear OS 3

The current state of Wear OS is still a mystery, as Samsung’s Galaxy Watches are the only devices with Wear OS 3. However, companies are still adding changes to the apps on the operating system. YouTube Music for Wear OS is finally getting the “Recently Played” tile.

People typically listen to the same song multiple times. Sometimes, there’s that one song that you just HAVE to listen to time and time again. Because of this, music streaming services have sections with your recently played music so you can quickly access your favorite tune for the eighth time today.

Now, the Recently played tile is coming to YouTube Music for Wear OS

This was spotted by 9To5Google, and it’s now finally starting to roll out to devices. When you’re using your Wear OS device, you’ll be able to add the Recently Played to your watch. With the tile, you’ll be able to replay a song that you just recently played. It doesn’t only apply to songs, as you can also access albums.


It won’t start playing the music right away, but it will take you to the recently played section on the actual app. It’s a good way to access the music you just listened to on your smartwatch without much fuss. The point of having a smartwatch is being able to access your stuff without needing to use your phone.

If you’re looking forward to this feature, you’ll need to be on the latest version of the YouTube Music app. This feature was seen in version 5.06.40 of the app. You’ll need to make sure you have that version to use the feature.

In Other Smartwatch News: Google Unveiled the Pixel Watch

After years of rumors, Google finally pulled the veils off of the Pixel Watch. This is something that we’ve been expecting but never got. Last year, it was rumored to launch along with the Pixel phone but, as you can see, that didn’t happen.


However, Google showed off the watch during Google I/O 2022, and we’re all excited about it. There’s not much information available about the watch right now. What we do know is that it will have a minimalist design and interchangeable watch bands. The Pixel Watch will launch this fall right along with the Pixel 7 phones.