YouTube Music Might Let You Filter Your 'Up Next' Queue

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Streaming services are really big on automatically feeding you content. YouTube Music has radio stations that give you a curated list of songs relevant to the title of the station. Now, YouTube Music is testing a feature that will let you actually filter the music on the Up Next queue.

This will be a way for people to have more control over the music that’s coming up on the radio station. Now, you get a straight list of songs on the station. However, there are times when you don’t really want to listen to what’s next. Sometimes, you’re in a certain mood and you want music to match.

YouTube Music will let you filter the music in the Up Next queue

Now, when you start a radio station, you’re able to access the queue to see what tracks are coming up next. You pick and get rid of tracks to finetune what songs you want to hear.


However, Reddit users (via 9To5Google), discovered that YouTube Music is currently testing a new feature. When you open the queue, you’ll see some chips on the top of the list. The screenshot shown is in Japanese, however, the text translates roughly to All, Familiar, Recommended, and Instrumental. There are most likely more, but that’s all we can see in the screenshot.

This means that people will be able to better finetune what music they want to hear while on a certain radio station. Even though stations are based on a certain artist or band, the music in them can vary wildly. This lets you have more control over what music you hear next.

There’s no telling when this feature will make it to the public. We don’t even know if it will ever make it to other people. YouTube is merely testing it out on a select group of people. For all we know, this could never make it to the public. Only time will tell if we’ll see this feature.


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