YouTube Will Highlight The Most Replayed Part In Videos

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Sometimes when you’re watching a video on YouTube, you want to skip to the most interesting part. This is something that that company has acknowledged, and it’s issuing an update to help in the process. According to 9To5Google, YouTube will highlight the most replayed part of a video.

Let’s face it, there are videos that you just don’t have the time to scrub through. They could be hour-long documentaries or extensive keynotes that you need certain information from. There are some videos that have one singular section that everyone finds interest in.

This is why YouTube will highlight the most replayed part in a video

YouTube announced that it wants to help people find the interesting part of videos a lot faster. Thus, the company is releasing some features that will help you find what you’re looking for.


One feature will show a graph right under the progress bar when you start scrubbing through the video. The graph will have peaks and valleys, and those will coincide with the most and least replayed parts of the video. So, the most replayed part of the video will have the highest peak.

The company will also show a visual timeline while scrubbing

YouTube is adding another feature that will help you while you’re scrubbing through a video. When you’re scrolling through the video, you’ll see a visual timeline pop up. This visual timeline will show screenshots from the video.

Just think about what Netflix does when you’re fast-forwarding or rewinding. This will help you see what section of the video you’re looking through more clearly.


Try these features out

If you’re interested in trying out these features before everyone else, there’s a way that you can do so. You can only do so if you’re a YouTube Premium member, however. Visit the YouTube testing page and enable these features.

This is how YouTube tests some of its features. They’re available to test out temporarily, so you’ll want to act fast and get a feel for the feature. As of the time of writing this article, the features aren’t available, but they will be soon. Check the page every now and then over the next couple of days to see when they become available.