YouTube Introduces Green Screen For Short Videos

AH YouTube Shorts 1

YouTube has started to roll out a new feature called “Green Screen” that allows creators to use up to 60 seconds of an eligible YouTube VOD or Short as the background for their original Short, Engadget reports.

Even though YouTube Short has not been released for a long time, this attractive feature has managed to become one of the most popular parts of YouTube. Content creators on YouTube use it to increase engagement rates and generate creative content.

YouTube has now added the Green Screen feature to Shorts. It allows content creators to use other people’s videos to create their own Short videos. You can access the Green Screen through the three-dots menu found in the Shorts app. The Green Screen does not only include videos, and you can even use the audio of a sample clip.


If you are a YouTube creator and don’t want to share your footage with other users for creating Short videos, you can head to YouTube Studio and drop out of the program.

Of course, you may not want to do this. Because every time a creator uses your videos within his Short, a link to the original video appears and lets users know who is the owner of the original video. Moreover, YouTube Green Screen is similar to Remixing on TikTok.

YouTube Green Screen rolls out to iOS first

Green Screen acts in the same way as YouTube Clips or Cut. It wants to give content creators a new chance to make more creative Short videos. However, Android users should wait longer than iOS users to receive the feature.


YouTube has just started to roll out the feature to iOS first. In the coming months, the Green Screen may come to Android and maybe with a little tweak. It was a strange move by Google, and perhaps everybody expected the feature to be released for Android first, as Google owns YouTube.