YouTube Automatic Chapters & Captions Available In More Languages

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YouTube is the go-to entertainment app for our content consumption needs. You can find a ton of videos and other content on the platform. Automated chapters and captions are some of the versatile features that make content consumption on YouTube easier for people across the globe. To take things forward, Google at the I/O 2022 event announced that it is expanding the YouTube automatic chapters and captions feature to 16 more languages.

YouTube is also increasing the number of video chapters and captions in collaboration with DeepMind, a British AI company, that Google acquired back in 2014. Notably, as noted by Android Central, Google has set a goal of increasing video content with chapters by 10X from 8 million to 80 million.

Moreover, the company is also working to generate video transcripts that will help users determine if the required information is available in the video they are watching or not. The transcript feature is now live for Android and iOS devices.


The automated captions feature is now available in 16 more languages. Consequently, this makes it easier for people to access and consume the content available in their native languages.

Ukrainian will join the list of automated captions languages next month

The languages currently available for automatic translation on YouTube include Arabic, Chinese (Traditional), Dutch, English, and French. Furthermore, it also includes German, Hindi, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Thai.

Ukrainian is also set to join this list of automated caption languages. Google has said that it will add Ukrainian to the list next month. This will be done to give accurate information about the war to the native people.


The automated captions feature is also available on mobile devices. Google will improve its accuracy and speed more and more as time passes.

Thanks to the expansion of the number of automated caption languages, not only will viewers benefit, but it will also help the creators to expand their reach to more people. Finally, this assists them in expanding their global audience.

Additionally, it will help spread the information to many more people across the globe. Google knows that video is the best form of content and information consumption. That is exactly what the company is currently focusing on.


YouTube added multiple new features in the recent past. That has made YouTube a one-stop-shop for entertainment and information-related needs.

Adding better support for other languages apart from English is very important. Because not only the growth of the creators and viewers depends on it, but Google’s growth as well.