Xiaomi Band 7 Launch Date & Design Officially Revealed

Xiaomi Band 7 image 1

Xiaomi has just not only confirmed the Band 7 launch date, but its design as well. The Xiaomi Band 7 will become official on May 24. That is the company’s next-gen fitness tracker.

Xiaomi’s ‘Band’ series of fitness trackers has been immensely popular. Their price did play a huge role in the sales numbers, but also the value you’re getting. The design didn’t change much over the year, but the features certainly did.

The Xiaomi Band 7 launch date & design officially shared

The Xiaomi Band 7 is expected to improve things even further. The device, as you can see, will have a color display, a vertical one. It will be touch sensitive, and we also know some details regarding it.


That will be a 1.62-inch AMOLED display. It has been increased by 25-percent compared to the one on its predecessor. Xiaomi also confirmed that it changed up the UI design a bit, so checking the weather, heart rate, blood oxygen, and fitness data will present a different experience.

The Xiaomi Band 7 is expected to become official in both regular and NFC variants. It will launch in China on May 24, but a global variant will follow. The global variant will include NFC, most likely.

The device is coming with a larger display, ‘smart notifications’, and more

You will, of course, be able to check your notifications via this device, and Xiaomi also confirmed that ‘smart notifications’ will be a part of the offering. So, you’ll likely be able to customize things to your liking, or let Xiaomi do it.


As it’s the case every year, we’re not expecting a huge leap with the Band 7, but a notable improvement. That’s all we can ask for as the company’s fitness trackers are really good these days.

The Xiaomi Mi Band 6 was priced at around $40 at launch. The Xiaomi Band 7 is expected to have a similar price tag. You’ll also notice that the ‘Mi’ branding won’t be included any longer. That’s something Xiaomi announced quite some time ago.